Jarvis Landry says he wants to stay in M

  • Apart from the quarterback situation, the biggest story during training camp was the contract status of wide receiver . Landry was extension-eligible throughout the offseason, but the Dolphins had already paid big money and they're very high on , https://www.dacowboysedge.com/dallas-cowboys-accessories so they'd been reluctant to lock Landry up over the long-term.Landry had been one of the most prolific receivers in the league during the first three years of his career (he had an -record 288 catches during his first three seasons, gaining 3,051 yards and scoring 13 times), but the Dolphins declined to lavish him with an extension despite his productivity. During the 2017 season, Landry has continued to produce despite the change in quarterback from to and , and he's even scored more often as well. (He leads the NFL with 103 catches and has a career-high eight touchdowns.)Still, it seemed unlikely that he was going to https://www.dacowboysedge.com/dallas-cowboys-women-jersey get paid by Miami, as the team's financial situation remains the same. It was unknown how Landry felt about returning to South Florida beyond this season, but now we know: "Of course," Landry said, per the . "I love Miami. My family's here in Miami. The fan base is here in Miami. The relationships, this building, this organization, I want to be here. I've always believed in being a guy that plays for one team. With that, I hope https://www.dacowboysedge.com/trevon-diggs-t-shirts that opportunity presents itself. But obviously getting what you deserve and everything, this is what I work for. So we'll see." As far as how contract negotiations have gone, Landry was le s forthcoming, stating only that he was "encouraged" by their status."We're just in the proce s, trying to figure it out," he said. "I left it in the hands of my agent and the hands of the Dolphins and we'll go from there, figure it out." The Dolphins have one of the league's more precarious cap situations, so it will be interesting to watch how the Landry negotiations play out -- especially https://www.dacowboysedge.com/troy-aikman-t-shirts because there is a school of thought that his inflated catch totals overstate his actual impact on games because of his low yards-per-reception average. We don't know whether that low average is because he's https://www.dacowboysedge.com/dallas-cowboys-hoodies-sweatshirts simply incapable of stretching the field or if it's due to the design of the Miami offense; the only way to find out would be to see him on another team. It doesn't sound like he wants that to happen, but it will take both sides coming to a mutual agreement regarding his true value in order to keep him in Miami.