Real Madrid Down and Out Real Madrid Down and Out

  • GettyImages, Ronaldo cant hide his frustration as Real Madrid toil against OsasunaIdont normally write about Spanish football, but I couldnt pa s up this opportunity. As I sat on my sofa watching Cristiano Ronaldos face of frustration I couldnt help but smirk. Osasuna completely played Madrid off the park, with a beautiful finish from Camuas. Now seven points behind Barcelona, and with the Spainsh head to head system, Madrid would need Barcelona to lose twice and beat them six-nil. Nothing is impo sible, but I wouldnt put a bet on it.Who doesnt love the tiki taca that Barcelona, and at times Arsenal, play. No arrogance, no diving , just playing teams off the park. The way Madrid play is to win at all cost, no matter what. Barcelona play because they love football. It doesnt matter if its an important game or not. You can just tell they love football. I dont mean to have a rant,(probably sounds like one), but I just cant stand arrogance. Something that Mourinho and Ronaldo po se s in abundance.Mourinho is already making a few enemies in Madrid. He tried to hide his emotions at the final whistle, under a snood, but the rest of the players couldnt. It was similar scenes against Almeria two weeks ago. If Madrid dont win the title I think the should learn from Barcelona. Bring in some youth, instead of loaning in usele s Adebayor and paying him hundred grand a week.I do not support either team, so I do not hate Madrid, I just love beautiful football.