R6 and 24-70 are crushed in two, is there any help

  • I remember that in June, https://www.xteamsshop.com/Aperture received a lens that was smashed in half, and a while ago, another R6 and RF24-70 lens was crushed in two. I'm so sorry, is this set of equipment worth 30,000 yuan just scrapped? Seeing such an accident scene, I believe that every photographer is heartbroken. The thing is this photographer is shooting cars, and as a professional photographer, he is always challenging himself. Some details will be ignored when creating, and sometimes some small details will cause accidents. This is a typical example. During the chat with the client, the photographer restored the situation at that time: I set up a small desktop tripod on the ground, and wanted to take a low-angle, close-up shot of a handsome car turning! As a result, the driver probably did not notice that there were still cameras on the ground. I watched as the camera was pushed past by the tires... https://www.zteamsshop.com/The image of that moment is still in my mind. When I picked up the camera again, it was like this, the lens was half on the body and the other half was like this. This is the first time I saw the internal structure of the RF24-70mm f2.8 lens. At that time, I thought, why is the RF lens twice as expensive as the EF lens? Wasn't it crushed in two? Maybe EF lenses are stronger. But fortunately, this time the fuselage was not damaged much, the lens was completely useless, and the most important thing was that people were fine. Sadness is useless, can such a lens still be repaired? Listen to what the repairman said: In fact, this lens looks tragic. In our eyes, it is all the same. It is enough to replace the faulty parts. From the situation of this lens, the motherboard and the cable have been damaged and cannot be Simple maintenance. The lens barrel is severely deformed and needs to be corrected. It's all small problems, just need to spend a small amount of money, and everything will be determined by the evaluation results. Let's take a look at the repair and replace it? The lens motherboard is broken, and the bayonet bracket tube is broken. https://www.yteamsshop.com/Replace the broken motherboard and cable. Lens barrel distortion correction. After eliminating the above faults and accessories, the maintenance process is very simple. Soon the lens was in perfect condition. According to user requirements, after all damaged parts are replaced with original parts of Canon RF lens, the repair work is completed. Finally, the lens is restored to its original state, perfectly restoring 100% combat effectiveness. The repair price is less than 1/10 of the lens, which makes the photographer very cool. The key is that the old friends who have been killed are in good condition and regain their fighting power. Aperture has something to say: what to do if the camera is accidentally damaged? Accidental damage, many users worry about the high maintenance cost, and also worry about the sequelae after repairing, most of them choose to give up replacing the machine. In fact, the actual situation is not as serious as you think, and it may be frightened by the official maintenance quotation. Of course, the repair costs are different for different damage levels, and the specific quotation depends on the situation. Here I remind everyone that if your camera or lens is damaged, you must keep it in its original state for repair (don't be a handicapped party, https://www.uteamsshop.com/disassemble it yourself to avoid secondary damage), this is the best for the equipment. Professional things are left to professional people to do. Looking for professional maintenance personnel may bring you unexpected surprises!