A good photo is just a thought

  • The first step in taking pictures is to choose a scene. https://www.vteamsshop.com/golden-state-warriors/stephen-curry.htmlWhat scene is worth taking? Then think about how to shoot? With this process, good photos can be taken. The clearer your thinking, the higher the quality of your photos. A good photo is just a thought. In the weekly photo reviews, most of the assignments are unclear. Below are some cases. [1] Author @easy Can this scene be filmed? If so how would you shoot? Everyone can think about it. I think it's not just the scene that makes the actor press the shutter, but the sunlight at this time.https://www.wteamsshop.com/los-angeles-dodgers/clayton-kershaw.html But how to express this kind of light at this time, the author has no clear idea. This is also a question of how many photographers there are. I saw a good scene and timing, but I just didn't know how to express it. The biggest problem with this photo is that without a clear subject, no matter how good the scene is or how beautiful the light is, the shooting will lose its meaning. What if there is only one good scene and no subject? You can wait, you can also go to "design", or give up, don't waste time. Author@simple These pictures all have the same problem, the picture does not have a clear subject, just like writing an essay, we don't have a theme, https://www.xteamsshop.com/pittsburgh-steelers.htmlso we don't know what we want to write in the end? Taking pictures is as simple as pressing the shutter button. But we use the lens to learn to express and express my thoughts. This is the meaning of taking pictures. Author@simple This one was also taken by the same author. Compared with the previous one, it feels like a different person. The subject is clear and the picture is simple. Isn't this the correct way to take pictures? [2] The author @ Ruoqi This scene is very characteristic. A few white lines have a great sense of picture. The key is the appearance of a few oblique rays. The author seized this scene and made a "design" for the picture. , and arrange the characters in an appropriate position. Using a top-down angle, I feel that the center of gravity of the picture is unstable, and the bag is placed in the lower left corner to play a balancing role. From choosing the scene to how to shoot, the author has thought about it. Author @ Ruoqi The author of this photo uses glass as a mirror, and the light at this time is also good. The choice of the scene has its own thinking. However, the background is a bit messy, which can be solved by using a large aperture, and the foreground part is also a bit more. On the whole, the author is still good at thinking, knows how to find scenes, and how to realize his ideas. [3] Author @zuozhongli These two authors are good at discovering scenes and have their own clear ideas. Good, but the picture could be better. https://www.zteamsshop.com/boston-celtics/kyrie-irving.htmlFor example, the position of the first character is not the best, you can move to the left, because the character is wearing dark clothes, and the effect is better in the light-colored part. If I shoot, I only choose the steps on the left, only black and white. A contrast, when a person comes down from the ladder, it is good, the picture is minimal. The second picture, a step separates two people, one up and one down, the contrast between black and white, the idea is no problem, but the effect is not reflected, the composition is not minimal enough, the picture can be moved a little to the left, the picture is completely 1/2 Compose the picture diagonally, and then just wait until the person you're happy with appears. [3] Author @ Yuanshan The scene of these three photos can produce good photos, although the weather is not good, but this gray tone photo is easy to produce results. The first vertical composition, try the slow door, the effect should be good. The second one has a figure appearing as an ink painting. The third one feels very good, only one finishing touch is missing. How to achieve this finishing touch needs to be thoughtful and can also be designed. Such scenes can be used well, and often bad weather can produce good photos. [4] The extreme weather rarely encountered by the author @Colorful Days, this photo takes the main road on the right as the visual center, and adopts a symmetrical composition to highlight the main road. From near to far, the picture should be as simple as possible, and it should be a great photo. The problem now is that the ground doesn't have a prominent body. [5] Author @胡俊 Scenes, characters, and later stages, it is not easy to achieve a unified style. I like the feeling of the first one, especially the light is so good. The latter two can also be adjusted in the character action design. The rest are nothing to scoff at, and as always, they remain at a steady level. [6] The author @吴瑞's intention to shoot is very clear, but this scene is not good, so you can give up and not shoot. When we are sweeping the streets, the character has a certain relationship with the scene, and it can reflect the state of the character, so there is a reason to shoot. For example, in the photo below, the author expresses the scene, characters and details very well.