Canon printers add color to portrait photography

  • On August 22, 2022, Canon (China) Co., and Portrait Photography Magazine jointly hosted the "Best Image·True Color" output forum of the Top Ten Chinese Portrait Selection Series at Tongyuan Photography Group Chongqing Cloud Art Space. The forum has a strong lineup of lecturers. The lecturer group consists of the top ten photographers of portrait photography (Li Lian, Zheng Haijun, Xi Shaoxiong) and the final judge of the 28th National Art Photography Exhibition Song Zeyi and other imaging technology experts and teachers. such as technicians and output technicians shared practical courses full of "dry goods". A Canon 1 printer experience area was also set up at the scene. More than 60 professional photographers and photography enthusiasts from all over the country tasted the top ten Chinese portrait photography works output by Canon printers and shared their experience and feelings of output. At the same time, the Canon printer experience officer activity was officially launched, and the selected experience officers will also have the opportunity to try Canon printers and EIZO monitors to experience the professional output process of high-quality works. The "Best Image, True Color" output forum of the Top Ten Chinese Portraits selection event was held hotly. The audience used Canon printers to output photos. The audience used Canon printers to output photos. Jin Yihua, Vice President of "Portrait Photography" Magazine Top Ten Portrait Photographers Xi Shaoxiong Tongyuan Group Chongqing Angel Cloud Private Customization Center Photography Director Zheng Haijun Canon Printer Experience Official Event Officially Launched Canon Printers and EIZO Monitors to Present High-Quality Photographic Works On-site audience appreciates the photographic works output by Canon printers On-site audience Appreciating the photographic works output by Canon printers The reason why a picture can become an excellent photographic "work" is inseparable from the support of professional output links, such as whether the color reproduction of the bright part of the photo is accurate, and whether the output level of the dark-tone work is rich and high. The high-quality image output will undoubtedly add a lot to the work. As Zhong Jin, general manager of the imaging printing and scanning product department of Canon (China) Co., Ltd. said: "As an excellent brand in the imaging industry, Canon has been committed to providing users with high-level professional output services, helping more photographers and photographic institutions to achieve high-quality products. Image output enhances the value of the entire imaging industry." The Canon printer product family has grown, and can easily control photographic works of different sizes and colors, and restore the author's original intention to the greatest extent in terms of color reproduction, color vividness, and detail reproduction. Photographers deliver the most accurate picture language and information. At this event, Canon also brought a variety of printer equipment such as G series and PRO series. The excellent output technology and color performance have been widely recognized by photographers and on-site audiences. At the event, Canon printer products attracted many audiences to experience the importance of image output not only recognized by professional events, also a consensus in the photography industry. Canon printers are also providing strong technical support for more photographic institutions to output high-quality works. Among the Tongyuan Photography Group, which has gathered many professional photographers, Canon printers are very popular. In response to the photo output needs of video studios, Canon G series, PRO series and other diversified product matrix are becoming a powerful tool to help studios and studios achieve profit growth. For daily office scenarios, Canon printer G/GX series products can fully meet office needs such as printing, copying, scanning, etc.