Best image true color Canon printers

  • The intelligent design makes the cost more controllable. At the event, the G series printers brought by Canon attracted much attention. The 6-color full-dye GI-83 series of bottled inks on Tengcai PIXMA G680 can effectively improve the color expression of output works. The red ink can expand the color gamut range, improve color saturation, and make the color of photos more vivid. The gray ink increases the color contrast of the dark parts, making the picture more three-dimensional, and can prevent the color performance of different types of photo paper from being inconsistent and achieve color stability; in terms of printing technology, PIXMA G680 uses advanced semiconductor manufacturing from Canon. Technology's FINE full-scale lithography inkjet nozzle technology, this printing technology can bring more realistic color reproduction, sharper contrast, richer layers, less graininess and better sharpness performance. In order to meet the diversified printing needs of photographers, Tengcai PIXMA G680 also supports a variety of paper sizes, and is compatible with a variety of paper types for output, providing more possibilities for photographers to create. The audience experienced Canon G680 printing photos. In the professional output experience area, guests can enjoy the excellent works of photographers in EIZO's monitor. Surprisingly, the photos output by Canon printers are in color reproduction and clarity. It's just as stunning on the screen as it does in the monitor. In addition, the Quick Color Match (Chinese name: Color Matching System) software jointly developed by Canon, EIZO, and Adobe simplifies the precise output process from importing photos to printing. Quick Color Match automatically adjusts monitor, retouching software and printer settings to ideal conditions without the need for tedious operations, allowing users to focus on photo editing and print quickly and worry-free. The works output by Canon PRO series printers are as stunning as those on EIZO monitors. imagePROGRAF PRO-500, a professional photo inkjet printer in A2 format, continues Canon's consistent high-quality output advantages, and is equipped with LUCIA PRO 12-color independent ink system, which can expand the color gamut range, which enhances the expressiveness of the photo. The imagePROGRAF PRO-500 is equipped with an extended 1.28-inch print head, with 12 colors including 18,432 print nozzles. It only takes 3 minutes and 35 seconds to complete a high-quality A2-format color bordered photo. The substantial increase in printing speed effectively shortens the The processing time of the print job. In addition, Canon's 12-color imagePROGRAF PRO-541 large-format printer not only provides photographers with B0 size photo output capability, but this large-format printer with production-grade design is also a good helper for enterprise-level users such as photography studios. It also uses Canon's FINE print head technology. With the help of high-density nozzle holes and micro-encapsulated pigment ink particle technology, it can ensure that the ink droplets are accurately printed on the surface of the medium, especially when printing some photos with rich details. It can accurately represent the fine details and rich layers in the photographic works, so that the printed photos have stronger color expression, sharpness and uniform gloss. In terms of ease of operation, the imagePROGRAF PRO-541 large-format printer has automatically upgraded the paper installation method. The operator only needs to put the roll paper in the paper feeding part of the printer, and the paper can be automatically fed and the front end of the paper can be detected and automatically Subsequent steps such as selecting the media type and automatically estimating the remaining amount of media can be quickly operated by even those without mature experience, which further improves the efficiency of photo output. The imagePROGRAF PRO-541 large format printer is rich in color and easy to operate. Canon also launched a recruitment activity for printer experience officers. The event lasts for two weeks from August 23 to September 4. All photographers or photography enthusiasts who are interested in portrait photography can sign up to participate, and eventually become a Canon printer experience officer to try Canon's printers and photography for free. EIZO monitors output photography. Retaining memories and delivering beauty is the essence of the imaging industry, not only to meet the basic needs of users, but also to tap more value in the imaging industry. In the future, Canon will continue to optimize printing technology to unlock more possibilities for image output! Canon Group Introduction Canon has been in business since 1937. Adhering to the corporate philosophy of "Symbiosis", Canon aims to create world-class products and continues to develop towards diversification and globalization. At present, Canon's business is centered on optical technology, covering a wide range of fields such as office products, imaging system products, medical system products, industrial equipment and other products. The group headquarters in Tokyo is closely linked with regional headquarters in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Oceania and Japan, and has built a management system that combines globalization and localization. In 1996, Canon launched the "Global Excellence Conglomerate Concept" with the goal of serving society with technology and becoming a trusted and respected company worldwide. (Data as of March 2022) Canon (China) Co., Ltd. introduced that Canon's business in China began in the 1970s. From the initial technical cooperation to the establishment of a wholly-owned factory to the establishment of a sales company, it has experienced the exploration of various business models. In March 1997, Canon (China) Co., Ltd. was established to be fully responsible for Canon's sales in the Chinese market. After years of hard work, 13 branches including the three regional headquarters in North China, East China and South China, as well as exhibition halls, quick repair centers, quick service stations, etc., have been basically built, forming a nationwide sales and service network.