Midea Hualing antibacterial and energy-saving large refrigerator

  • Baking people, what if the refrigerator is not big enough?https://www.yteamsshop.com/ As for the small refrigerator in my house, I have been thinking about replacing it for a long time. Hualing 498 cross frequency inverter fresh-keeping refrigerator, simple appearance, dazzling blue I like it very much. The 498L capacity can meet the daily needs of bakers. Three-speed variable temperature, you can adjust the temperature according to the ingredients. The LED intelligent display and control screen is a touch operation, https://www.uteamsshop.com/which can easily set the temperature of the upper and lower areas with one button, three-speed variable temperature storage, whether it is frozen or refrigerated, you can freely adjust all-round platinum purification, and an independent fruit and vegetable moisturizing space, new refrigerator The Hualing 498 cross-inverter fresh-keeping refrigerator has the advantage of less air-conditioning leakage than the side-by-side door. Coupled with the compressor + fan double frequency conversion unit, it reaches the first-level energy efficiency standard, which can be as low as about 0.92 kWh per day, which is more energy-saving and power-saving. 498L large capacity, clear partitions, the upper part has a refrigeration area, a temperature-changing space, a moisturizing space, a finished product area and a beverage area, and the lower half has a freezer area. There are 6 areas for seafood, quick-frozen food, semi-finished products, https://www.ateamshops.com/atlanta-braves/freddie-freeman.htmland ice cream. , beef and mutton, etc.... into the large freezer area. Hualing 498 cross frequency inverter fresh-keeping refrigerator has small temperature fluctuations, and has an accurate temperature sensing system, which can detect the temperature change inside the refrigerator in timehttps://www.vteamsshop.com/boston-celtics/kyrie-irving.html and cooperate with the inverter algorithm to dynamically adjust the cooling output to effectively prolong the time of food preservation. Don't worry if we store different things.