After reading the actual measurement of ROG6 Dimensity

  • The ROG gaming phone 6 Dimensity Supreme Edition just launched," It has a very powerful processor, which is MediaTek's latest flagship processor - Dimensity 9000+, based on TSMC's 4nm process technology, although the architecture is the same as that of Dimensity 9000, but in terms of large core frequency, CPU performance The performance of the GPU is improved by 5%, and the performance of the GPU is improved by 10%. Judging from the current comments, this processor is also recognized by everyone. Moreover, ROG has invested a lot in performance scheduling, so the Dimensity 9000+ processor of the ROG 6 Dimensity Extreme Edition will have a more thorough performance output than the Dimensity 9000+ models on the market. Of course, the ROG 6 Dimensity Supreme Edition also has built-in LPDDR5X+UFS 3.1 advanced read-write and storage efficiency, which makes the configuration of this ROG 6 Dimensity Supreme Edition to a luxury realm. Furthermore, through the combination of X mode and Hyper Engine 5.0, it is deeply optimized to bring players a more immersive gaming experience.High output, stable performance and no heat, this is the game The biggest advantage of mobile phones! In terms of heat dissipation design, this ROG 6 Dimensity Extreme Edition adds a "cooler wind tunnel valve" based on the matrix liquid-cooled heat dissipation architecture 6.0, and an openable and closable valve on the back of the fuselage. , which is connected to the heat dissipation fins of the processor vapor chamber. to the actual experience, when using the external cooling fan 6 that comes with the ROG 6 Dimensity Extreme Edition, the "cooler wind tunnel valve" will be automatically opened, so the heat generated by the processor will be quickly dissipated by the fan Absorbed into the king of the fuselage to achieve better heat dissipation performance.with excellent heat dissipation performance, it is to squeeze The energy released by the performance of the dry processor. This time, the ROG gaming phone 6 Dimensity Supreme Edition is equipped with the full-blooded Dimensity 9000+; if you are concerned about other Dimensity 9000+ models, you should know that the original core is 3.2GHz. Then, after some adjustments on ROG, the large core of Dimensity 9000+ has been upgraded to 3.35GHz, which can be called a full-blooded version. The benchmark score in AnTuTu is also close to 115W, which is really the king of the annual benchmark. According to UP master Li Dazhui, the ROG6 Dimensity Extreme Edition was used to test the "Genshin Impact" 3.0 mobile game. Its load value was very high, and many flagship mobile phones could not stand the toss. Frame lock condition. Then from the test data of ROG 6 Dimensity Extreme Edition, under its 30-minute highest image quality mode, the average frame rate still reached 59.9fps, which is close to the full frame level, and the fluency is invincible. (The picture comes from Hammer) In terms of fuselage temperature control, the maximum temperature of the ROG6 Dimensity Extreme Edition is only 39.1 ℃ after high-load play, which is equivalent to the temperature of the object held by the human body, and it does not feel hot. It's basically the same temperature as watching videos every day. It can be seen that the built-in cool fan and cool wind tunnel valve of the ROG6 Dimensity Extreme Edition both endow heat dissipation capabilities, and this temperature control performance is very good