Where is the future of high-end TVs

  • On September 20,https://www.zteamsshop.com/boston-celtics/kyrie-irving.html Hisense ULED strategic upgrade and Hisense Video Autumn New Product Launch Conference was held, officially announcing Hisense's new display technology platform - ULED X. This is not just a breakthrough in a certain technology, but the result of innovations in Hisense's comprehensive optical system, image processing technology, and display technology, and finally builds a stronger product line based on its own understanding of current TV needs. https://www.yteamsshop.com/edmonton-oilers/wayne-gretzky.html(Source: Hisense) Hisense's latest flagship TV U8H can be regarded as a fusion of ULED X and the synchronous evolution of product concepts: the Mini LED screen of this TV has more than 2,000 luxurious backlight partitions, nearly 10,000 lamp beads, and has The industry's first 8K AI image quality chip independently developed by Hisense solves the problem of TV image layering and halo, and 608 driver chips in a 1+N distributed driver chip architecture to achieve 5 times accurate light control. The Hisense U8H has a stable peak brightness of 2,000 nits with a 1% small window. Hisense claims that this TV has twice the dynamic range of OLED. In addition, there are 3.1.2 multi-channels including Sky Sound speakers, a wall-mounted mural design with a screen distance of only 54mm from the wall, 240Hz display + 1080P 240Hz input, and intelligent functions that fully support console games and home needs.https://www.uteamsshop.com/edmonton-oilers/wayne-gretzky.html The most impressive thing is that the Hisense U8H has 16x 4096-level dimming. The R&D personnel did not let the technology stay on paper and entered the actual experience: with the ambient light sensor, it can accurately sense the changes in the viewing environment to adjust the brightness of the TV. The resulting picture is always at a high level. Under normal home lighting conditions of 50-500Lux, the contrast ratio can reach more than three times that of OLED TVs. (Source: Hisense) According to Hisense, the ULED X display technology platform has more than 500 engineers in China, Japan, the United States, and Europe participating in research and development, tackling 127 technical problems and leading the industry in 13 technologies. The cumulative number of ULED patent applications came to 909. Hisense U8H has achieved the leading parameters of contrast, color gamut, and motion smoothness among Mini LED TVs. To be a technology or product with leading parameters is only the foundation, and more importantly, how to bring changes to the user experience. Hisense has observed the needs of complex lighting in the home environment, users do not have the habit of adjusting picture quality parameters, and the number of viewing scenes with a wide field of view increases. Enterprises have more attention and expectations. (Source: Hisense) The Hisense U8H TV equipped with ULED X technology is also on sale at the same time. The 65-inch version is priced at 13,999 yuan, the 75-inch version is priced at 19,999 yuan, and the 85-inch version is priced at 26,999 yuan. https://www.vteamsshop.com/boston-celtics/kyrie-irving.htmlThe brand-new display technology platform ULED X has realized the strategic upgrade of Hisense ULED and obtained the definition of "reference-level image". How much waves can it make in the high-end TV market? The future is worth looking forward to.