Xinri K5 3.0 ultra-long battery life subverts traditional cognition

  • In summer, the temperature is rising day by day, travel has become a "psychological burden": the road traffic is too congested, the subway is too hot... It's not as easy and free as electric vehicles, and the oncoming cool breeze while riding, It adds a touch of comfort to travel. However, the weather in summer is changeable, the sun is bright and the sky is clear, and the rain is continuous, which is a big challenge for the battery life of electric vehicles. Xinri K5 3.0, its unique X-TEC dual-core system for long-distance navigation, can calmly face various road conditions and maintain long-term power and battery life. It can be said to be the "ideal type" for summer travel. Xinri X-TEC long-distance dual-core system fully exerts its power to enjoy zero mileage anxiety The X-TEC long-distance dual-core system carried by Xinri K5 3.0 has changed the traditional mileage improvement method of "one-way increasing battery capacity", from energy saving and The two aspects of kinetic energy have been upgraded, and the two-pronged approach has comprehensively improved the battery life of the car in the way of "opening the source and reducing expenditure", and truly realizes the freedom of travel. In the face of the inevitable power loss in summer travel, the X-TEC long-distance dual-core system optimizes the design from 4 details, which indirectly boosts the battery life. Different from ordinary tires, Xinri low rolling resistance tires can run more stably and farther in the face of wet and low-lying roads in summer; while the low wind resistance body design, low rolling resistance bearing configuration and low resistance thermal cable conform to fluid mechanics , greatly reducing the kinetic energy loss of Xinri K5 3.0 itself, providing a basic guarantee for long-term driving, that is, "throttling". In terms of "open source", the X-TEC Yuanhang dual-core system is also equipped with a large-capacity graphene battery, a variable frequency motor with high kinetic energy conversion rate and an ultra-intelligent controller. can be said that the Xinri K5 3.0 has a "natural" The long-endurance gene also has the efficient "learning" transformation ability, as well as the "smart" power optimization application ability, whether it is summer commuting or long-distance travel, there is a steady stream of strong power to achieve excellent mileage. The 0-friction disc brake is sensitive and can respond to various road conditions, that is, the brake is stopped immediately, and the driving is safer. It is precisely because of the empowerment of the Xinri X-TEC voyage dual-core system that the Xinri K5 3.0 can have the super endurance of "more than 200KM on a single charge". From now on, no matter where you want to go, you can go wherever you want, and enjoy a real anxiety-free travel life. Comfortable experience, enjoy the freedom of travel Xinri K5 3.0 not only has endurance strength, but also is extremely considerate in detail design. NFC ring induction unlocking, 1 second contact, swipe the card and go, set off one step ahead, and quickly "escape" the scorching sun. The full-screen instrument with piano paint texture can cope with the viewing of driving data in various light environments, with a full sense of security. 36L large seat bucket has enough space, and the bags, helmets, ponchos and other on-board items can be easily placed; the 790mm large saddle is not tired from sitting for a long time. Travel all the way to enjoy the summer comfort. Easy to deal with changing weather and discounted battery life, Xinri K5 3.0 is undoubtedly an excellent summer travel "companion". If you are still hesitant and tangled on the issue of "what car to buy", it is definitely right to start directly with the Xinri K5 3.0. The long-lasting battery life can bring a free and wanton riding experience, enjoy a refreshing travel, and let happiness fill the whole Summer trumpet! Extra: It's the New Day "Lithium Battery Carnival" promotional event, there is a thousand yuan gift for car purchases, and Huabei interest-free installment benefits, you may wish to go to the nearby offline stores to take a look.