and the price may rise or be lower than expected

  • It was reported on September that the appearance of the screen of the iPhone 14 Pro series was exposed again: when the screen is lit, the black exclamation mark part will become a long and narrow pill shape and is centered at the top of the screen. At present, this revelation has been confirmed by a Bloomberg reporter, and the credibility is still quite high. In addition, the iPhone 14 series may increase in price by an average of $50, and the price increase is lower than expected. The following is very detailed information and revelations. According to the current news, the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will use a centered pill punch screen instead of the exclamation mark screen that was previously reported. The reason for the exposure is very simple: the design of the exclamation mark screen is still under the screen panel. When the screen is lit, the two parts of the exclamation mark will be connected to become the effect seen so far. Considering the aesthetic tradition of left and right symmetry, the design possibility of the center pill punch screen is quite high, and this design is a new solution in smartphones, which also meets Apple's needs to improve frontal recognition. If the situation is true, consumers will see a new good show: the Android camp that has evolved to the centered single-hole screen, there should be some manufacturers to pay tribute to and imitate the design of the centered pill punch screen.Because it doesn't matter whether it is more advanced and beautiful, matters is that the iPhone is doing it, and imitating its appearance can make some consumers feel more high-end, which is their purpose. Unsurprisingly, domestic mainstream manufacturers will also join in, which is Apple's influence in the high-end smartphone market. Regarding the naming of the iPhone 14 series, Twitter netizen Tommyboiiiiii released a photo and screenshot: the picture is the transparent phone case of the iPhone 14 Max, but its name is iPhone 14 Plus. That is to say, the 6.7-inch standard version may not be named after Max, but re-enable the Plus naming method, which was once used on the large-screen iPhone between the 6th and 8th generations. At present, the news has not yet been confirmed, but it is of little significance to ordinary consumers. Anyway, the new 6.7-inch machine will probably become a new news. Regarding the issue of satellite communications, with Huawei's official announcement, the possibility of the iPhone 14 series supporting satellite communications has been greatly improved. In addition, Google executives also said that Android 14 will support satellite communication functions, making this possibility even more likely. Strictly speaking, in fact, this function is not a satellite communication function in the true sense, because currently only two-way transmission of text is supported. But for rescue and users who need to get in and out of blank areas of the signal, this feature is really useful. With the iteration and update of the technology, I believe that ordinary users can also feel its charm, making the application of this technology wider and more practical. As for the most anticipated price issue, the latest report from market intelligence firm TrendForce shows that due to factors such as a bad economy and declining smartphone shipments, the price of the iPhone 14 series will increase by an average of $50, a lower-than-expected increase. The following are the estimated prices in the report, just for your reference: the iPhone 14 starts at $749, and the iPhone 14 Plus starts at $849. The iPhone 14 Pro starts at $1,049, and the iPhone 14 Pro Max starts at $1,149. What do you think of this price? Qi Ji believes that if the Pro version is upgraded to the 256GB version, the price will be relatively good.