function may be able to take pictures of the moon

  • Apple officially issued an invitation letter in the early morning of August 25th, Beijing time, that it will hold an autumn conference at the Jobs Theater at 1:00 a.m. Beijing time on September 8th. It is expected to launch many high-end flagship mobile phones of the iPhone 14 series and Apple Watch. New. The English theme of Apple's autumn invitation letter is "Far Out" and the Chinese theme is "Super Prospect". The information disclosed in this invitation letter is unusual. It adopts the theme of outer space with a black background, and the shining stars together form the Apple log. What message do we communicate? features: The space theme in the satellite connection invitation may imply that the iPhone 14 series can realize the satellite connection function that the iPhone 13 did not realize, that is, the functions such as making calls and sending text messages can be realized by connecting to the satellite through the mobile phone. According to a report by the technology blog 9to5Mac in March this year, although the satellite connection has not been implemented in the iPhone 13, Apple has never given up on the development of satellite functions and may become the biggest selling point of the iPhone 14 this year. is also supported by the new "SOS" icon in the status bar of the iOS 16 system. The appearance of this icon on iOS 16 indicates that if the satellite connection function is successfully implemented, this icon will appear when the user loses the cellular network connection. Then connect to the satellite so that emergency personnel can be contacted. As we all know, an emergency distress signal will only be issued when there is an emergency, and Apple has developed two satellite functions for this. New features: The shining stars in the astrophotography invitation form the Apple log, which may suggest that the iPhone 14 series will add astrophotography functions, which will effectively improve the iPhone's camera performance, especially in outdoor and low-light environments, and enhance picture clarity . After the function of astrophotography is realized, the iPhone 14 series can realize the dream of "going to the moon in nine days" and detect the moon or stars. For photography enthusiasts, there will be longer exposure time and more internal processing after taking pictures. to improve the image and improve the image quality. New features: AOD interest screen display The interest screen display function has been ridiculed by netizens when it was exposed before. is now beginning to take the road of plagiarism, but this does not stop Apple from wanting to innovate. The extremely dark background of black in the invitation letter may suggest that the iPhone 14 series will eventually adopt a new screen display function, or that the mobile phone screen of the iPhone 14 series will have the latest technology OLED display function. Previously, Apple predicted emperor, Tianfeng International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted that the average selling price of the iPhone 14 series would rise by 15%; integrated sources know that if the standard version of the iPhone 14 uses the same A15 bionic chip as the iPhone 13, then Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that the iPhone 14 The 15% rise in the series is most likely related to the satellite connectivity feature.