Apple Watch Ultra damage costs more than

  • In the early hours of yesterday, officially released a new generation of smart watches, the Apple Watch Ultra. It is reported that the starting price of the National Bank version is as high as 6,299 yuan, and it will go on sale on September 23. While the watch is Apple's "most powerful" smartwatch in history, it's also staggeringly expensive to repair. (Image source: Apple's official website) According to the official data released by Apple the maintenance cost of Apple Watch Ultra has reached 3,749 yuan without buying AppleCare+, which is already equivalent to the price of a domestic mid-range model. Well, it can be regarded as a "high price maintenance fee". However, if you have Apple's AppleCare+, the repair cost is only 588 yuan. In fact, for such an expensive smartwatch, buying AppleCare+ seems to be a reasonable choice. After all, if you accidentally break it, the "astronomical repair fee" is enough to make people feel heartbroken. (Image source: Apple's official website) Of course, the reason why Apple launched the Apple Watch Ultra is mainly to explore the higher-end smart watch market. As the leader of the smartwatch market, Apple maintains its lead in the market by a considerable margin. Since it has no rivals in the market for a long time, Apple has begun to focus on the professional smartwatch market in order to further expand its market share. Xiaolei believes that with Apple's product strength and brand influence, Apple Watch Ultra is expected to be a great success in the professional smartwatch market. (Image source: Apple's official website) For consumers, Watch Ultra is actually more suitable for professional sports users. Because this watch is specially designed for extreme sports such as rock climbing, diving, surfing, etc., for ordinary users, this watch is not particularly meaningful. Except for better battery life, there is nothing attractive. If you want to experience Apple's smart watches, it is recommended to choose the Apple Watch Series. (Cover image source: Apple official website)