and the set has been raised to 7399 yuan

  • I remember that when I just introduced the Canon R10 in May, I was very excited. After all, it is the cheapest RF camera launched by Canon. At that time, the evaluation Jun also recorded the quotation, which is 5399 yuan for the R10 single machine, 6399 yuan for the RF-S18-45 lens kit, and 7799 yuan for the RF-S18-150 lens kit. But now it seems that this price is very difficult to stock. Now it is in stock, the price has also been raised, including 6899 yuan for a single machine, 7399 yuan for a small zoom lens kit, and 9699 yuan for a large zoom lens kit, which has increased a lot. Among them, the standard 18-45 sets of machines are raised by about 1,000 yuan. Of course, it is not right to say that it is raised. Maybe the current price is the final price, and the starting price is just a preferential price to test the water. The EOS R10 uses a 24.2-megapixel APS-C format CMOS, DIGIC X image processor, 651 available autofocus areas when automatically selected, and full-pixel dual-core CMOS AF II. The ISO range is 100-32000, the mechanical shutter is 15 fps, the electronic shutter is 23 fps, and the mechanical shutter speed is 1/4000-30s. The screen is a 1.04 million-dot TFT rollover touch screen, and the viewfinder is a 2.36 million-dot OLED electronic viewfinder with 0.95x magnification. The video is 4K/60P cropped, 6K oversampling 4K/30P without cropping, Full HD/120P without cropping, single SDXC slot, LP-E17 battery, 430 shots in save mode, and the body weight is 429g. In fact, from the outside, the R10 set is still full of cheapness, but it also has advantages, mainly because its CMOS is updated, and the DIGIC X image processor has stronger performance, so the technical indicators in photography, especially video are still very strong. . In order to solve the problem of non-cropping of 4K video perspective, Canon has introduced 6K oversampling processing technology, and then generates 4K 30P uncropped short videos, or directly realizes cropped 4K 60P videos, which is very sincere. Compared with the R7 with in-body image stabilization, the R10 only has lens image stabilization and short film digital image stabilization, but it is still one level more than Nikon's half-frame digital image stabilization for short films, providing more shake compensation. . From the proofs provided by Canon, the details are still very rich, reflecting the advantages of large CMOS. But the photo was taken on a hazy day, which is also a bit random. And it can be seen that in general, the photos still have the reddish style of Canon, but entry-level half-frame cameras generally do not provide color preference options, so friends who buy and sell need to pay attention to their color preferences. Finally, let's talk about whether the half-width micro-single is worth buying. In any case, the CMOS of the half-frame micro-single is not small, and Canon also provides a strong video capability, second only to the anti-shake effect of the R7, which is remarkable. As for the price increase, don't think too much about it, the final price will still be in line with its market position, and the price of 7399 yuan for the kit is barely acceptable. When I saw the R10, I couldn't help but remind the reviewer of the Nikon Z30 that I bought this year. The evaluation is that the video is excellent, but the photo performance is average. In general, the main problems of half-frame mirrorless cameras are the angle of view and the difficulty of lens selection. At the same time, the purity of photos under low ISO is not as high as that of full-frame SLRs, and there are fewer parameter settings, such as the default photo color tendency and the white balance K number adjustment. Wait. In fact, if the camera has a full-frame rich lens, plus a half-frame, is still useful, you can use the lens effect to improve the photo performance, but if you only use a half-frame plus a cover, you will fall into the dilemma of not being able to experience more shooting styles. But on the other hand, whether it is the Nikon Z30 at 4,799 yuan or the Canon R10 at 6,899 yuan, its video capabilities are excellent, especially 4K video performance. Therefore, if it is taking pictures, the half-frame micro-single is not the most ideal choice, but if it is taking pictures and videos, then the performance of the half-frame micro-single is still satisfactory.