all other than the list are fake

  • Today, Apple has officially released the new iPhone 14 series flagship, has attracted the attention of a considerable number of users. However, although Apple's official website and e-commerce platforms provide online purchase channels, there are still many users who want to decide whether to buy this new generation of iPhone after the actual experience. With the official launch of new product sales, offline purchases have become the first choice for quite a few users. it comes to offline purchases, the most reliable choice is definitely Apple's Apple Store retail store. At present, we can get a large number of retrieval results when we search for Apple sales stores in any city. When shopping daily, you can also see a variety of Apple retail stores on the roadside. But in fact, a large part of these stores are not the Apple Store retail stores (Apple's official direct-operated stores) that everyone thinks, and there are many reports and news related to "fake Apple directly-operated stores" every year. At present, Apple has 44 directly-operated stores in 23 cities in mainland China. So how can you tell if the store you go to is a real direct-sale store? We have also updated the latest Apple Store retail store list. These data are from Apple's official website and are the most authentic official address data. If you can't remember the store information in the above lists, there is a better way to identify it: the prices of products sold in Apple's direct-operated stores will not be adjusted, and they will always be the prices on the official website. If the store you buy from asks you to increase the price, or is willing to sell it to you at a discount, then there is a high probability that it is a fake Apple store. Of course, third-party authorized stores may not all have problems. But if you really choose to buy a machine in a third-party authorized store, you must be vigilant to avoid unnecessary disputes.