Apple Apple Watch Pro CAD renderings exposed

  • Apple's new product launch event will officially arrive soon and before the event starts, related news also mentioned more new product information. Most of the previous revelations revolved around the new iPhone series, and now the latest news mentions the details of the new Apple Watch series. The latest revelations show that Apple is preparing to launch three new Apple Watch models, including the Apple Watch Series 8, the new Apple Watch SE, and a new Apple Watch Pro with enhanced durability for high-intensity exercise. Among them, the new Apple Watch Pro will adopt a new design, and the design will be the first size modification since Apple launched the Series 4 in 2018. At the same time, the latest news also shows a CAD rendering of the Apple Watch Pro. Combining the pictures, this Apple Watch Pro watch has a large screen, and the screen seems to be a flat design, rather than the familiar slightly curved edge scheme. But at the same time, the side frame of this new watch does not adopt the straight design mentioned in the revelations, but continues to adopt a slightly curved design. The left side of this new smartwatch also has a new physical button, with three circular openings visible above it, and it is speculated that the opening area may be used to place the device speaker. Compared with the current Apple Watch series products on sale, the overall design of this Apple Watch Pro has changed a lot, and the overall style has changed from the front. the same time, for the new button introduced in the Apple Watch Pro, the latest revelations show that users may be able to design its functions. In terms of specific functional performance, relevant sources said that users may be able to customize the button to launch specific applications, functions, exercise types, etc. when pressed. Also, the overall button bump on this Pro model Apple Watch appears to be larger than on its predecessor. In this regard, the revelations believe that this can make these controls easier to trigger and more suitable for use in activities such as hiking and extreme sports. As for other specs, there have been rumors that the Apple Watch Pro will be equipped with a larger display, a titanium case with at least 47mm, a larger battery, an S8 chip, and more. for the actual new product situation, although there is no definite official information for the time being, it will be officially announced at the new product launch event in the near future.