The iPhone 14 was blown to the sky with the function of conferring gods

  • The annual "Technology Spring Festival Gala" has come to an end. " you watch the Apple conference yesterday? In order to let everyone see the first-hand news earlier, Brother Tong poured two cups of coffee and stayed up late to finish the whole press conference. For those of you who haven't had time to read it, it is recommended to turn back to yesterday's article and have a quick look at it. It is very clear what was released. what I want to tell you today, I understand, is related to the iPhone 14 series that was just released. Source: Apple's official website iPhone 14 digital series, in addition to the new large-screen Plus model, other configuration upgrades are really not strong in perception hin. In contrast, the 14 Pro series has made more progress than the previous two generations, with "big" upgrades in chips, images, and screen shapes. But if you want to talk about the changes you can see at a glance, it is Apple's abandonment of Liu Haiping, which has been unchanged for thousands of years, and changed to "hole-digging screen". Moreover, in order to match the ship's new hole-drilling screen, Apple has also optimized the software level and created the "Smart Island" function. Photo source: Apple has something to say. When it announced the appearance of the iPhone 14 Pro series digging screen, I didn’t think it was anything. After all, it has been revealed before, whether it is an "exclamation mark" or a "pill", just wait for the announcement. However, when the goose saw the function introduction and demonstration animation of "Smart Island", to be honest, I was really amazed. However, in the face of the praise of Yishui'er, I have a different opinion after understanding my brother's calmness. Lingdong Island has really been overplayed!