Come and see the works of this photographer

  • The most difficult thing for photographers is to look at Babe's photos with inner peace. can't see any technical performance, and the pictures are extremely calm and natural. Perhaps the most difficult thing for photographers is inner peace. Only when you are in your most peaceful state can you see the most realistic picture. Unlike many photographers, Babe does not use exaggerated wide-angle and telephoto perspectives, and the medium-focus is closer to what the human eye sees. look at most of the pictures of Babe, and there is no strong light, and many of them are even taken on cloudy days. It is said that photography is the art of using light, it seems that Babe is not sensitive to light. A cloudy day can more truly express what Babe saw. Use the most mediocre perspective and the most peaceful light to restore the "real" scene as much as possible, without personal emotions and colors, at an appropriate distance and neutral angle. This is how I feel about Babe's photos. The photos cannot be said to be absolutely true, but you can feel that this is the most realistic picture at that time. This may be what Babe wants to tell everyone, not to bring his own prejudice into the picture, just to record the state at that time. But it is such a photo that can move us, the more we look at it, the more interesting it becomes. It is very difficult to do this if the photographer is not at peace of mind and has a wealth of personal experience. We always want to incorporate our own thoughts and emotions into a photo, but Barbey is trying to avoid interfering with the picture with personal emotions. Barbey uses honest, delicate and calm lens language to express the picture of the world he sees. The protagonist in Babe's photos is always "people". He focuses on how to integrate people into the shooting environment, stand in the right place at the right time, and capture moving moments. Taking pictures is inseparable from the environment. When we take pictures, we cannot feel the relationship between the environment and the characters. Babe likes to photograph people in the local cultural atmosphere and natural environment. He arranges the characters naturally in the picture. It seems that there is no technical means, but in fact he pays attention to composition. Maybe this is the expression of the masters, and I can't see the traces of my own technology. I just recorded such a picture. Babe's photos give people a very calm and real feeling. From his photos, you can feel the quietness of his heart when he took the photos. But that's not to say he lacks passion, it's just the way he behaves. On the contrary, he is passionate about photography. Babe has been to China dozens of times, and his shooting time spanned 46 years, and the locations involved more than 20 cities. He always kept his camera in his hands. He was passionate about photography and never stopped taking pictures. subject matter of the shooting is very rich, the above is just a selection of some photos for everyone to enjoy. Does reading Barbey's work inspire me? What is the core of our photography journey? Everyone's energy is limited, what to pursue? Don't overdo it. Let yourself be quiet, use the camera to perceive the world, be in a hurry and feel the beauty of the world.