I will meet with the male anchor in the live room

  • In a few hours,https://www.zteamsshop.com/ this year's Apple's fall new product launch event will officially arrive. At that time, the new generation of iPhone 14 series will officially arrive. At 0:00 tonight, the male anchor Na Yan will broadcast live simultaneously in the Tech Aesthetics Douyu live room 452628 and the B station live room, chatting with everyone and watching the Apple conference. At the same time, this event is also expected to launch a number of new products. Although Apple has not officially given the exact news,https://www.yteamsshop.com/ the related news also shows a lot of product information that may be coming. Next, before the official launch event, let's take a look at the currently exposed product information. The iPhone 14 series combined with the current iPhone new product breaking information, the iPhone 14 series may cancel the 5.4-inch mini version that has been released for two generations. As such, the two ‌iPhone 14‌ models, positioned slightly lower, are made up of the 6.1-inch ‌iPhone 14‌ and the larger 6.7-inch ‌iPhone 14‌ Max/Plus. At the same time, the new iPhone series is also expected to bring the first screen design adjustment in years. Two of the Pro models may use a punch-hole combination screen design, that is, a circular single punch hole combined with a "pill-shaped" punch hole. According to these revelations, this design seems to be designed to bring a larger front screen display area to the iPhone, as well as better distinguish between several devices with different positioning. However, a recent report mentioned that two different punch holes in the new iPhone series may be merged into a wider cutout.https://www.uteamsshop.com/ The overall cutout area is black, making it look like a continuous large cutout, and the combined screen top punch looks like a larger "pill" punch. Such a design is more conventional and can also bring a smoother visual experience. At the same time, regarding the new iteration of the iPhone series, there has been news that it may carry two different chips for different versions. Now, this statement has been mentioned again in the latest revelations. It is reported that the related news mentioned that the iPhone 14 and ‌iPhone 14‌ Max / Plus models will be equipped with an "enhanced version" of the A15 chip. The revelation did not mention any details about the chip, but there is speculation that the standard version of the iPhone 14 model will be equipped with a higher-end A15 chip. This chip is equipped with a five-core GPU, with a 25% increase in graphics performance. By comparison, the A15 chip in last year's standard iPhone 13 models was equipped with a quad-core GPU. However, the news also mentions that improved graphics performance may be the only change to the A15 chip in the iPhone 14 and ‌iPhone 14‌ Max/Plus. In terms of other specifications, Apple is also expected to upgrade the rear lens for the two high-end Pro series models, equipped with a 48-megapixel main camera; support ProMotion display technology, upgrade to 1Hz to 120Hz refresh, bringing a new screen display function . https://www.tteamsshop.com/Based on this, this year's new iPhone 14 series may bring an increase in overall pricing. This may also have an impact on the final product release. The latest news of the Apple Watch series shows that Apple is preparing to launch three new Apple Watch models, including the Apple Watch Series 8, the new Apple Watch SE, and a new Apple Watch Pro that is enhanced and durable for high-intensity exercise. Among them, the new Apple Watch Pro will use a new design, and the Apple Watch Series 8 is expected to use the same design as the Apple Watch Series 7. AirPods Pro 2 It is reported that the second-generation AirPods Pro will likely adopt some of the features added to the third-generation standard version of AirPods last year. Meanwhile, the new AirPods Pro 2 are also expected to feature a significantly upgraded H2 chip. It may improve the sound quality, delay, active noise reduction, transparency mode, etc., support Bluetooth 5.2 or later, and the battery life is also expected to improve. In addition, there is also news that Apple may launch new iPad series in the next, but it is unknown whether it will be released with the iPhone series. Soon, Apple's new product launch event will arrive, and the content that everyone is interested in will be officially announced soon. We will bring you the content of the event news tomorrow morning, and you can come to know more exact new product information. Watch this video "Super Prospect" iPhone 14 Six Updates! Watch the five new products of Apple's conference in advance! Preview of Apple's Autumn Conference in 2022 "Technology Aesthetics"