What does the Ethereum merger mean

  • What will be the impact of Ethereum entering the PoS era? https://www.ateamshops.com/boston-red-sox/mookie-betts.htmlFrom the perspective of ETH users, they can now bypass the "miners" class and directly participate in the finalization of blocks, instead of only obtaining income through the rise and fall of ETH. Moreover, the security of PoS will be higher than that of PoW. For ETH participants, a more stable ETH market also means better investment income prospects. For PC players, ETH, which is the main force of PoW, turns to PoS,https://www.vteamsshop.com/los-angeles-lakers/kobe-bryant.html which means that miners no longer have demand for graphics cards, and no one will drive up the price of graphics cards. In the future, users can more easily buy new graphics cards at normal prices. . Although a large amount of computing power began to flow into other PoW virtual currencies after the ETH merger, there is currently no virtual currency that can replace ETH. Instead, the price of the corresponding virtual currency began to fall due to the influx of large computing power. Because the virtual currency itself has no value, its value comes from the community consensus. If you want to prove that your virtual currency is valuable, it does not mean that the computing power is high enough and the amount of currency is large enough, https://www.wteamsshop.com/chicago-white-sox/bo-jackson.htmlbut there needs to be enough community nodes. Maintain consensus and provide trust guarantee for participants. Moreover, PoW has the possibility of being attacked by 51%, so most of the new virtual coins have turned to the PoS mechanism, and the virtual coins under the PoW mechanism have been gradually abandoned due to problems such as difficulty in retail participation and lower security (Bitcoin is a Exceptionally, as the founding coin, Bitcoin’s status is transcendent). The transition of ETH to PoS can definitely be regarded as a milestone event in the virtual currency market, symbolizing that the mainstream of virtual currency has officially shifted from PoW to PoS. After all, the cost of a large amount of hardware input is not low, and the follow-up operation also requires continuous expenditure of additional costs. https://www.xteamsshop.com/seattle-seahawks.htmlWhy not invest these funds directly into PoS virtual currency (such as ETH) and wait for an equal share? The purpose of investing in virtual currency is to make money. If there is an easy and fast way to make money, then the traditional PoW will naturally be abandoned. The only player may be the mine owner who hoarded a large number of graphics cards in the last mining boom. When there are only producers left in a market, the market is not far from self-disintegration. Therefore, most mine owners actually have only two options left: one is to switch to mining other virtual coins, and pray that the virtual coins they mine will replace ETH with the debuff that they can’t make ends meet (the income is lower than electricity bills and other costs). Clear the graphics card, use the earned money to enjoy life or buy ETH to become one of the nodes. In any case, the virtual currency market and the graphics card market will usher in a new earthquake in the next period of time.