Adjustable Focus 980nm Infrared Dot Laser Alignment

  • In those of night version precise dot measuring work fields, it is not easy to reach with any visible laser device or manual dot projecting tool. None of laser light can be observing by human eyes. Under operation with constant technical innovation of 980nm infrared laser diode and qualified glass coated lens, it is being made into a quite practically used device of 980nm infrared dot laser alignment. Under operation with constant power source supply and proper mounting onto those of night version device, it just assures easy reaching, highly clear and long lasting IR dot generation for all night version illumination fields effectively.
    Available with an import 980nm infrared laser diode as beam emitting source, this infrared dot laser alignment is not any longer limited for temporary dot positioning works. Not the same as a simple infrared laser pointer only adopting alkaline battery power source, it is adopting an external ACD/DC adapter as electric power source. When it is cooperating with night version device, such as CCD camera, black and white camera, or infrared laser camera, after correct use of output power of 100mW to 500mW, this infrared laser diode module just assures highly intense and powerful infrared laser beam emission. Besides its operation for close distance IR dot emission, after the use of high power up to 300mW to 500mW, it makes sure of highly clear and accurate IR dot generation within great distance of 100 to 1000 meters.
    This 980nm infrared dot laser alignment is applying a qualified glass coated lens. It is cooperating with a glass window in front of laser beam aperture. It is keeping work with high photoelectric ability infrared laser light emission, and also projecting highly clear infrared reference dot projection for a lot of raw material processing works. After a series of strict laser beam stability test, aging preventing test, alternative high and low temperature changing test up to 24 hours, and proper operation by skilled users or professionals, this 980nm infrared laser diode module is working well with excellent laser light cycling use, and highly stable and clear IR dot generation in continuous use.
    With the assistance of a laser alignment mounting bracket, together with extending electric wires for both 980nm infrared dot laser alignment and DC power supply, it enables the maximum installed distance of 3 meters, easy and quick reaching of IR dot projection in continuous use. When it makes freely adjusted laser beam focus and IR dot projecting direction, after high attention to powerful IR laser radiation and reflection, and wearing correct infrared laser safety goggles, this infrared alignment laser just assures easy reaching and no danger use in all application fields.