Rams waive safety former third-round pic

  • A day after declaring that changes have to be made, Sean McVay is taking action following the ' 3-5 start. The team has waived safety and former third-round pick after two-plus seasons with the team. Burge s was cut loose after the Rams tried to trade him before the deadline, . The Rams also released tight end , a three-year veteran who caught one touchdown on two receptions in four games this season with Los Angeles https://www.pro76erseage.com/philadelphia-76ers-jeresy/joel-embiid-jersey .The 104th overall pick in the 2020 , https://www.pro76erseage.com/philadelphia-76ers-jeresy/zhaire-smith-jersey Burge s made just three starts in 30 regular-season games with the Rams. A stable on the Rams special teams units, Burge s saw defensive reps in just 14 of his games in Los Angeles. He started in one game this season, making a career-high nine tackles in the Rams' 22-10 lo s in Dallas in Week 5. Terrell Burge s SAF Given his production against Dallas, his special teams experience and the fact that he is just four days from turning 24 years old, Burge s probably won't have any i sues finding a new team. While Burge s looks for his next opportunity, the Rams continue to look for answers after a rocky start to https://www.pro76erseage.com/philadelphia-76ers-jeresy/tobias-harris-jersey their title defense. Offense has been one of the Rams' main i sues so far. Despite boasting likely Hall of Fame quarterback and reigning receiving champion , the Rams offense is just 29th in the in scoring, 31st in rushing and 27th in red zone efficiency. "There https://www.pro76erseage.com/philadelphia-76ers-jeresy/kyle-o-quinn-jersey 's a lot of things that we've got to continue to look at," McVay said. "I think everything's got to be up for debate. ... As coaches, we're responsible for identifying the problems and trying to provide solutions, and then the players' job is to be able to go execute and be able to get it done. "I have to be able to do my part, first and foremost, for them to be able to do theirs. That's where you always look at you know, you want to look inward first. ... And so, like I'll continue to say https://www.pro76erseage.com/philadelphia-76ers-jeresy/derrick-walton-jersey and like I'll always say, we're in this together and we're going to fight our way out of it and continue to keep battling."