Russell Wilsons Dangerwich removed from

  • quarterback continues to be sandwiched in the middle of Twitter roasts. The nine- time Pro Bowler had a signature sandwich on the Subway menu earlier this year, but the sub is no longer available. Social media users are suggesting the removal was at least partly due to Wilson's widely mocked Subway commercials.The fast-food franchise announced "The Dangerwich" in February as part of The Vault menu at participating Subway restaurants. Wilson was not the only player with a sandwich. His former Seahawks teammate had the "The Beef Mode" and Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback had "The Sunshine Sub."The "Dangerwich" came on Italian herbs and cheese bread and was topped with pepperoni, salami, black forest ham, bacon and provolone cheese. It was also topped with lettuce, green peppers, tomatoes, banana peppers, and finished with yellow mustard and mayo.The sandwich sounds delicious, but fans didn't seem to like the commercials. While they're not airing anymore, social media users resurfaced the ads this month. That led to , which raised the question of whether Wilson's acting performance, or perhaps his football performance this season, played a role in its absence. Live dangerously. Eat banana peppers on a sub. Ru sell Wilson (@DangeRu sWilson) No matter how one feels about the Wilson's acting, or how he chooses to eat the sandwich, it's unlikely the commercials forced the item off the menu. , the"The Dangerwich" has been off Subway's menu since August, and it was simply taken off to make some space for newer dishes."Subway works with a variety of athlete partners, and The Vault is the perfect place to showcase their favorite sandwiches," a Subway spokesperson told The Post. "While The Dangerwich sub left The Vault in August to make room for some new, craveable options, don't worry, The Dangerwich will be back soon."However, Wilson has been on the spotlight lately for the Broncos' 2-4 start this season. One of those lo ses included a It seems like he just can't catch a break. Wilson even got Wilson's Broncos will be back on the field on Oct. 23 as they take on the at home.