Bengals fans donate nearly 30K to Joe Bu

  • One of the most devastating injuries of the 2020 NFL season took place on Sunday when rookie quarterback suffered a torn ACL. Burrow's season is over, and many are really feeling for the young signal caller.As a result, Bengals fans started donating $9 to the Joe Burrow Hunger Relief Fund, which is a charity that was started by the quarterback. Burrow wears No. 9 with Cincy. As of Monday night, Bengals fans had donated over $27,000 to the fund, . Thank you to Who Dey Nation and the fans around the league who have donated to the Joe Burrow Hunger Relief Fund in the last day. The outpouring of support for a cause so important to warms our hearts. Cincinnati Bengals (@Bengals) I love you fans. This is just part of the donations... BengalsCaptain (@BengalsCaptain) Homele sne s and poverty are societal i sues that are near and dear to Burrow's heart. He spoke about both during his Heisman Trophy acceptance speech while he was at LSU. "Coming from southeast Ohio it's a very impoverished area and the poverty rate is almost two times the national average," Burrow said. "There's so many people there that don't have a lot and I'm up here for all those kids in Athens and Athens County that go home to not a lot of food on the table, hungry after school. You guys can be up here, too."Burrow tore his ACL and MCL, in addition to having other structural i sues in his knee following the injury. The Bengals quarterback certainly has a long road to recovery ahead of him, but he's expected back at some point during the 2021 season. "Thanks for all the love. Can't get rid of me that easy. See ya next year," following the injury.