Giants players are furious on Twitter af

  • Doug Pederson angered plenty of fans throughout the 2020 season, but on Sunday night, for his closing act of the year, he welcomed fury from elsewhere in the NFC East. With the rival needing the Eagles to beat the in order to clinch a division title and playoff spot, the former -winning head coach elicited all kinds of fury from New Jersey when he pulled quarterback early in the fourth quarter of Sunday's contest.It's unclear whether Pederson benched Hurts for third-stringer because of the former's struggles (Hurts finished just 7-of-20 pa sing for 72 yards and an interception), or simply to "tank" the game for a shot at a higher draft pick in 2021. But if the latter was his intention, it quickly looked like a brilliant move, with Sudfeld almost immediately gifting Washington two takeaways in his first series in place of Hurts. And it also sent shockwaves through the Giants organization and fan base, which watched as NFC East title hopes dwindled thanks to Washington's simpler path to victory: This is why we dont like the Eagles. Eli Manning ( @EliManning) They really throwing it ADRIAN COLBERT (@AdrianColbert27) Bruh... Darius Slayton (@Young_Slay2) ADRIAN COLBERT (@AdrianColbert27) Why on gods green earth is Jalen Hurts not in the game Darius Slayton (@Young_Slay2) Washington had to pay Philly to do that BJ Hill (@BJHill5) This is sickening Darius Slayton (@Young_Slay2) Correction*** Eagles hate us more than they hate Washington AND they want Chase Young to win OFFENSIVE ROOKIE MVP Golden Tate (@ShowtimeTate) You would be up next at QB. Golden Tate (@ShowtimeTate)