Broncos vs. Seahawks final score results

  • The stage was set. Down 17-16, Ru sell Wilson had a minute left and the ball at the Seahawks 46, preparing for the fourth-and-5 playcall that would determine the game.The call, however, never came. First-year head coach Nathaniel Hackett bled the play clock down to nearly zero before taking the Broncos' first timeout of the half and sending out Brandon McManus and the field goal unit for a 64-yard attempt. McManus put a concerted boot in it, and it looked like he had the distance, but he mi sed the kick left and cemented a Seahawks win in the first game of the season, a stunner.Hackett got a chance to Let Ru s Cook. Instead he turned off the burner, and was left with two timeouts and nowhere to go.The Seahawks, for their part, played their hearts out, backed by one of the loudest stadiums in the NFL. Geno Smith was an utter showstopper, as he played spoiler to Wilson's return to Seattle with a 23 of 28 performance, 195 yards, and two touchdowns. He got things off to a scorching start, with the Seahawks scoring on their opening drive in under four minutes. Seattle scored on three of its first four in the first half, the one exception being a turnover on downs deep in Broncos territory.MORE:Although the offense cooled off in the second half, the defense more than picked up the slack. The Broncos had three opportunities inside the Seahawks' 10-yard line, including two opportunities from the one. But they fumbled the ball away twice and had to settle for a field goal the third time.Wilson made plenty of plays throughout the game. He finished 29 of 42 for 340 yards and a touchdown, but the Broncos' inability to punch it in from the goal-line was the difference. New team, same story for Wilson.For the Broncos, it's an emotional start to a season in which they have lofty expectations. With the Chiefs looking like the Chiefs and Chargers handling the Raiders Sunday, they're behind the eight ball for the time being. There's a lot of time to get it right, but one thing is abundantly clear: There are going to be some growing pains under Hackett. The question is if the Broncos can outgrow them before frustration starts to bubble over.The Sporting News tracked live scoring updates and highlights from Broncos vs. Seahawks. Below are the key moments from the first "Monday Night Football" game of the 2022 NFL season. Q1Q2Q3Q4FBroncos3100616Seahawks7100017 (All times Eastern)11:12 p.m. --That's triple zeroes in Seattle, as the Seahawks stun the Broncos.Seahawks 17, Broncos 16.11: 11 p.m. --The Broncos are continuing to take timeouts, but barring a miracle it won't matter. Seahawks continue to come out in the victory formation. And the crowd at Lumen is electric.This close.: on ESPN/ABC: Stream on NFL+ NFL (@NFL) 11:09 p.m. --McManus had the leg, but he mi sed it wide left! The Seahawks will come away with a stunning opening day win over Ru sell Wilson and the Seahawks. Wild final minute in Seattle.11:08 p.m. --Baffling clock management from Hackett there heading into this fourth down. It got down to 24 seconds for the Broncos and they took the play clock all the way down before Hackett took the Broncos' first time out. Seattle then takes a timeout before a 64-yard McManus field goal attempt.11:07 p.m. --Wilson dribbled the ball on second-and-14 and the play was called dead, setting up third-and-14. Javonte Williams picks up some good yardage to make things more manageable, and it'll be fourth-and-5 for the Broncos.11:04 p.m. --Barton continues what's been a good game for him by absolutely blowing up Williams on a shovel pa s for a lo s of ~3. Huge play there, but the Seahawks will take an injury timeout as Barton and Darrell Taylor get treated.11:03 p.m. --On third down, Wilson finds Williams for a first down and then some to the 49-yard line. No pivotal fourth down here.11 p.m. --At the two-minute warning, the Broncos are facing third-and-2, down one, from their own 40-yard line. Huge play on the other side.10:59 p.m. --Ruling stands. First-and-10 Broncos from their own 32, three minutes left.10:57 p.m. --Pete Carroll doesn't like it, and he'll drop a challenge on the spot. Hard to imagine gets overturned, as the bigger i sue is whether or not the ball was even at the sticks.10:55 p.m. --Unbelievable second effort from Okwuegbunam is going to draw a measurement on third-and-5. It looks like he may well have gotten it with that extra lunge.10:49 p.m. --Chubb gets another sack off the edge to force a three-and-out for the Seahawks, and we're going to see Wilson and Broncos in a four-minute drill situation from their own 22 with 4:02 left down one. Let's be real, it was always going to come to this.10:44 p.m. --Once again, the Seahawks are going to force Denver to kick a field goal inside their 10-yard line. McManus hits to make it a one-point game, but what this Seahawks defense is doing is special.Seahawks 17, Broncos 1610:43 p.m. --Third-and-goal coming up now after another incompletion to Jeudy.10:42 p.m. --Hard to say enough about this Seahawks crowd. Broncos false start from the 3-yard line to make it second-and-goal from the eight.10:40 p.m. --Third-down offense is proving to be a difference-maker for the Broncos right now. They're down on the goal-line yet again, and they're looking to take their first lead of the game.10:38 p.m. --Jeudy has really gotten to showcase his speed in space. Wilson drops in another throw to him on third-and-2 for a cro sing route, and he's up over 100 yards while Wilson is over 300.10:37 p.m. --Once again the Broncos are driving. First a big completion to Jerry Jeudy gets them in Seahawks territory, then a misdirection to Melvin Gordon puts them in second-and-2. Wilson follows that up with an incompletion after getting utterly popped on a deep attempt to Jeudy.10:35 p.m. --Sure enough, Sutton sits in the zone and catches a first down. On the ensuing screen, one thing you have to say for this Seahawks defense: They hit hard. Brooks has been all over the screen game tonight.10:34 p.m. --Woolen leaves the field with an injury after that last hit, and Jones takes the field. The Broncos could take a shot on third-and-4.10:28 p.m. --Bradley Chubb absolutely blows Smith up on second down and forces a fumble, but again Seattle recovers. After an incompletion, the Seahawks will be forced to punt. With 13 minutes left in the fourth quarter, the Broncos will get the ball back with a four-point lead.10:27 p.m. --On