Samson Why the Patriots went on a spendi

  • Who doesn't love a good spending spree? Usually the keep their wallet close, but this offseason they decided to treat themselves. They were very aggre sive in free agency and it seemed like every time you checked they had signed another player.David Samson discu sed the Patriots being generous with their checkbook this year, as well as owner Robert Kraft's comments on the matter, on his podcast, "Nothing Personal with David Samson" on Tuesday."They have been incredibly aggre sive with free agency every other minute you're hearing them sign players and we were trying to figure out why the Patriots were changing," Samson begins, beginning with background on leaving for the ."They're gonna say they didn't let Brady go, but they did," Samson says of head coach Bill Belichick and Kraft. The podcast host says after failing to win without Brady, and watching TB12 get his seventh ring, Kraft says they better do something and he is ready to write big checks.Kraft compared free agency to the stock market, saying you take advantage of corrections and inefficiencies in the market when you can and explaining that usually 12-14 teams are competing for a player and this year there were only two or three.It's a big time mistake to go crazy spending money like crazy when there is money burning a hole in their pocket just because they are rebuilding a team and they're worried about right now rather than years from now, Samson believes. "You want it now because it helps you sell. You want it now because it creates buzz," he said.Kraft also mentioned that he's not in the busine s of busine s, he's in the busine s of winning, which Samson doesn't buy."C'mon Robert, we know you better ... please, do not give me a line of crap like that, instead, say it better," Samson says, saying he should talk about how a winning football team by definition helps him make more money in the short term and increases the value of his a set. "That is called a win-win-win. That's OK, just say it," Samson said.Looking at his wait-to-see, the host has two, that the Patriots will not win the AFC East in 2021 and for the second year in a row the team will not finish above .500.